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How the movement started

Launched in May 2020 by two Iowa doctors, 'Mask of Wellness' is a positive approach that promotes responsible behavior that is necessary to keep society open during this pandemic while benefiting social, physical, and economic wellness. David Krupp, M.D. and Robbie Schwenker, Pharm.D. developed the simple safety method and self-certification program to help preserve the nation’s economy while at the same time maintaining healthy practices for the public.

David C. Krupp, M.D.

ER Physician

David is an emergency physician of 20 years experience with a deep respect for his patients and community. He sees firsthand the physical, emotional, and economic impact COVID-19 has had upon the wellness of his patients, families, and community. Through his efforts to mitigate the silent spread of disease he and Dr. Schwenker developed the 'Mask of Wellness'. Normalizing mask-wearing – and even making it cool – will help accomplish the crucial societal paradigm shift needed to mitigate the spread of disease during this pandemic.

Robbie Schwenker, Pharm.D.


Robbie, a retail pharmacist with 8 years of experience, serves patients in Coralville and the greater Corridor community. Well acquainted with COVID-19’s local impact, he understands the importance of hygiene practices and healthy work environments. Robbie is passionate about 'Mask of Wellness' potential to empower businesses and build trust in the community during this uncertain time.